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Graduate Program In Supply Chain Management (With Thesis)

Supply Chain Management Master’s Program (With Thesis)

The interest in supply chain management has been increasing, both in public and private sectors, since early 2000s. The world becomes more compact as a result of technological developments and globalization. Manufacturing of products and services are performed in countries where costs are low, and then, the distribution is carried out from these countries to other places. It is crucial to manage the supply chain network in order to increase the business profitability, which is relatively low compared to the past, and the competitive advantage of the companies. Proper management of this network is only possible with managing the supply chain activities impeccably. Today, successful global companies, such as Apple, Amazon and P&G, hire supply chain management graduates.
As the importance of supply chain management is known in business and academic areas, it is very important that the universities in Turkey provide qualified employees, both in manufacturing and service industry. At this point, this program:
  • Will contribute to meet the need for specialists in supply chain management domain, and
  • Will support our country improve in this area.
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